How does this work?

To answer that in full, would be a tremendous amount of work.  But let’s keep it simple:  It all starts with an antennas (sometimes more than one!) and that may or may not go through an RF preamp which then may or may not go through a splitter but ultimately ends up feeding one of seven RTL-SDR USB dongles in a big USB3 hub connected to a Lenovo Tiny w/ an i7 cpu, 16GB of memory, a 250GB SSD drive, running Linux Mint as well as the infamous WebSDR software (which I cannot provide – you must speak to the author directly as it is not open source).
I’ve done many tweaks but they’re more for the advanced user so I won’t get into that here.

If you want to understand the basic concepts of SDR’s and quadrature sampling, I strongly suggest you start with Google.  It is a tremendous subject and while I consider myself to be way above average (possibly expert), there are much better teachers out there.   🙂


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