Who we are

“In 2015, both my wife and myself got our Extra class FCC licenses.  This WebSDR site is a result of that!  It is an ongoing experiment that has resulted in over 2000 unique hits per day from numerous countries.  So whether you’re a ham radio operator, an SWL’er, an SDR nut, or just curious, we hope you enjoy being a part of our Hamshack!!”

Michael & Tanya – The real deal:

Michael Pfaeffle, K3FEF, is Vice President and CIO of the largest contract furniture dealer in the world.  In his “spare” time (lol), he rebuilds/restores old receivers and transmitters, vehicles, various antiques, enjoys working in his private recording studio (Wormhole Recording in Milford, PA), experimenting in his lab, and also loves taking care of all the animals (ducks, chickens, turtles, and the cat Max).  His call sign is a vanity call representing a nickname he’s had for most of his life, “Fef”.

Tanya Pfaeffle, W3TKP, pretty much handles everything else.  Homemaker, farmer, landscaper, wood splitter, paint/sheetrock/spackling expert, master chef, pastry wizard, and overall the perfect wife.  She loves reading, taking care of her animals (they’re mostly hers actually), tending to the 40 acre “Radio Ranch”, gardening and growing.

Tanya and Michael met abruptly on a staircase on February 10, 2001.  6 months later, they were engaged, and a year after that MARRIED!
Happily married now for 15 years, it seems like the fun will never end!