The new shack mixer.

The Yamaha MG16XU in our radio shack

I’m pretty much done with Behringer.  They make great stuff for the price but I needed something that was going to last and hold up to abuse.  Yamaha to the rescue!  Just because we needed a LOT of routing! 5 sends, 2 stereo subgroups, 4 stereo ins plus 3 aux stereo returns, and 8 mic/line inputs.   The routing enables me to flip any signal to everything in the shack that can take a signal; the SSTran Part 15 transmitter, the Symetrix 528E (which feeds the Flex 6500), and in to my PC for recording.  As well as the normal amp for monitoring.  The big illuminated “ON” switches are nice at night compared to just a regular mute switch.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the Yamaha MG16XU for broadcast needs where simplicity is NOT a requirement (only because you do have some very granular control compared to a typical broadcast mixer).

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